Meet our team

KNKBS is small and mighty, with decades of experience! We work remotely with businesses all across the United States.

Our brick and mortar office is in Southern California with primarily local staff, along with 
a number of team members based in Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington State.

Kathleen Fernan

Kathleen has been working in accounting since the '70s! While working for Angeles Corporation, she was in charge of over 75 sets of books under year-round audit. Since then she's worked for a range of businesses, including a software developer and a wholesale tree grower. Kathleen founded KNKBS with her sister Kerry in 1991, and has been helping small and mid-sized businesses with technical and accounting challenges ever since.

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Kerry Whitmire

Kerry began her accounting career in real estate - from bookkeeper to Controller to CFO to Senior VP in 13 years. Ever since starting KNKBS with Kathleen in 1991, Kerry has been providing CFO-for-hire and consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. She can immediately evaluate any set of accounting records and determine how to get a business on the right track - and she can make the best out of a mess.

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Kitty Morse, CPA

Kitty's experience ranges from performing financial audits while at Ernst & Young, to SEC reporting at The Walt Disney Company. She went on to spend 20+ years as CFO of a small family-owned manufacturing business. Kitty brings a broad understanding of management needs, compassion for the bookkeeper's responsibilities, and a deep appreciation for accuracy to her work as a conversion and clean-up specialist.

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Julia Morse

As our Lead Bookkeeper, Julia works directly with our small and mid-size business clients on setups, cleanups, conversions and training, as well as coordinating and supporting our team of in-house bookkeepers. Her favorite part of the job is when she encounters a problem she's never seen before. Julia works with clients on all the accounting platforms KNK serves: Zoho Books, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online. When not fixing tricky reconciliations or setting up conversions, Julia loves gardening, sewing, and working on her deadlift.

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Danielle Barkume

Danielle joins KNKBS as a part-time bookkeeper with 15 years of QuickBooks Desktop experience running her family-owned, manufacturing small business. She learned the accounting basics from the many hours shadowing her mother in their business, and looks forward to continued learning and growth with KNKBS. When not working, Danielle enjoys time with her 3 boys and 4 dogs.

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Dusty Bisla

Dusty brings to KNKBS a broad range of experience. As operations manager and bookkeeper for her own music consulting business, she has been working with QuickBooks desktop for 12 years.  With a degree in Applied Economics from London University, she worked in banking for 15 years as a commercial loan documentation specialist. In her spare time, Dusty regularly attends the gym and loves to travel with family and experience other cultures.

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Griselda Conde

Griselda found her passion for accounting after working as an A/R Specialist for a small CRM software company in late 2016. She then proceeded to study Accounting at SMC in 2020 and is now a part-time bookkeeper at KNKBS. Griselda has experience in general bookkeeping, payroll, analyzing financial reports, and assisting with client book cleanups. In her free time, Griselda enjoys playing bingo!

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Tess Crabtree

Tess started her career as a Budget Analyst in the corporate world, and has since worked as a pharmaceutical rep, a professional assistant, and the co-owner of an online needlepoint company. She's been with KNKBS for several years, managing billing and applying her excellent professional organizing skills to keeping our office in tip-top shape. In her free time, Tess loves to spend time with her family, go fly fishing and water and snow skiing, and do needlepoint and jigsaw puzzles.

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Deana Cruz

Deana Cruz is a part-time bookkeeper at KNKBS with over 25 Years of accounting experience. She has served as Corporate Accounting Manager for DynaMetric, Inc. in Arcadia, CA, and as Director of Finance for Starving Students, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. She obtained her BA degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Mount Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles. She loves being a mom to her four boys that keep her busy outside the office!

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Michele Haisman

Michele has worked for KNKBS for over 20 years as a part-time bookkeeper, supporting multiple companies with their financial record-keeping. She loves gardening, spending time with her 3 grown kids, and has been a foster mom to countless kittens.

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Arlene Karma

Our accounting sleuth! Arlene has been with KNKBS since 1997, working full time keeping clients' books squeaky clean. She prides herself on balancing every account and is not afraid to take on a troubled set of books. Arlene specializes in contractors and job costing; she's also a payroll expert. Arlene works remotely from her Texas office, and when she's not balancing the books, she's a professional barrel racer -- Check out one of her rides here!

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Carina Martinez

Carina is a bookkeeper located in Southern California and is a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She studied accounting in college and quickly began working for multiple organizations on finance teams. In 2013 Carina took a hiatus from her career to begin a family, then joined KNKBS in 2019 to provide support including bookkeeping, payroll, and reconciliation for multiple businesses. She and her family have recently found a passion for traveling and camping across Southern California.

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Karen Robertson

Karen recently joined KNKBS as bookkeeper, bringing with her the organizational, analytical and customer service skills that were important in her previous career as a consulting engineer. She is grateful to get to use these same skills daily as the mother of two teenagers and two needy cats, wife to Dave and as an active volunteer in multiple charitable organizations. Karen and her family live in Columbus, Ohio.

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Mira Rose

Mira joins KNKBS from Seattle, WA, bringing a background of client services, organizational communication studies, and public relations, among other interdisciplinary scholarship and experience. Mira is a bookkeeper and Webmaster for KNKBS and particularly enjoys creating and maintaining accessible, sustainable systems. Outside of work, Mira can be found reading, creating multimedia art, and saying hello to every neighborhood dog.

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Penny Todd

Penny has worked for KNKBS for over 20 years as a specialized paralegal. She maintains all the compliance for many corporate entities. She enjoys the Big Bear area, skiing and horses.

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Ileana Tomich

Ileana has worked across a variety of fields and has a primary background in customer service, operations, and real estate accounting. In her current role with KNKBS, she acts as a Quickbooks Online Bookkeeper. She lives in Seattle and enjoys creating art, cooking, and snuggling her cat, Bento.

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