On-site Training

KNKBS will come on-site to your office and train your employees on all processes in QuickBooks. If needed, we can help write the procedures “SOP’s” for your staff.

Owner/Manager Financial Analysis Training

  • Reading and understanding financial reports
  • Understanding the difference between cash and accrual reports
  • Running exception reports to identify problems in your system
  • Reviewing the the audit report for changes
  • Setting up users and restricting their access (Enterprise edition)
  • Locking down the prior year so changes cannot be mistakenly made
  • Proper reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts
  • Running reports to submit to your CPA for tax return preparation

Entry level data entry

  • Setting up customers, vendors and employees
  • Properly entering bills, credit cards, receiving inventory.
  • Properly using estimates, sales orders and invoices for customers.
  • Applying payments to customer accounts
  • Emailing invoices and purchase orders


  • Setting up inventory items and assembly builds
  • Managing your inventory, cycle counts, adjusting physical inventory
  • Troubleshooting inventory


Setting up your own books coaching for the “do it your selfers”

  • Creating a meaningful chart of accounts
  • Adding items to manage inventory and invoicing customers
  • Customizing the templates, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, statements
    Setting up your beginning balances and tying out to your last years tax return


On-line Training

Often, time and distance can make it difficult for scheduling training. On-line training is perfect for fitting in an occasional one-hour session.

On-line training is accomplished via the internet, while you sit comfortably in your own office, you can train on your own workstation while the trainer can see, and even control, everything on your screen. In larger groups, the trainer will show their screen allowing the group to see hands on how to accomplish tasks. A conference call line is available so everyone can communicate during the session. These sessions can be recorded and played back later for reviewing the training session.

On-line training is flexible and only has a one-hour minimum for each session.

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