How to Properly Handle Customer Deposits in QuickBooks



Over the years, I have seen many ways that clients handle the customer deposits. There is the invoicing method and the […]

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Setting up your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts

QuickBooks – Setting up your Chart of Accounts
Author: Kathleen Fernan, K&K Business Solutions, Inc.
Account Numbers
Using numbers with your chart of accounts is an excellent way to properly organize your chart […]

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Sales Tax Rate Changes – Best Practices

How to manage sales tax rates changes in QuickBooks
April 1st, 2015 our California sales tax rates were increased for many counties. Now is the time to properly handle the rate […]

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Creating Custom Activity Types

Creating Custom Activity Types
Custom Activity Types are an exciting new feature in ACT! by Swiftpage. For those of us coming from ACT 6 and older, we were limited to having […]

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Customizing your ACT! Menus and Toolbars

How to Add a Letter Template or Report to your Menu

ACT Versions 2005 (v. 7)  to 2009 (v. 11) by Kathleen Fernan

Have you ever created a custom letter template and […]

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Power Reporting – Using Classes in QuickBooks

Classes are a very powerful, and probably my favorite feature of QuickBooks. They allow you to departmentalize your
profit and loss statement. For example, if you are in the service industry, […]

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