Act! Training On-Site or On-Line

Whether you are an individual or need training for your entire team, we will customize a class that fits your needs.

  • On-site personalized training sessions for individuals and groups using your database for the training. This is normally done in a conference room. If laptops are available, all training can be “hands-on”.
  • Live Web TrainingOn-line training is accomplished via the internet using remote software. While you sit comfortably in your own office, you can train on your own workstation while the trainer can see, and even control, everything on your screen. In larger groups, the trainer will show their screen allowing the group to see hands on how to accomplish tasks. A conference call line is available so everyone can communicate during the session. These sessions can be recorded and played back later for reviewing the training session.
  • Follow-up sessions to review and reinforce the training sessions are essential.

All sessions are created knowing that most people cannot retain much data in a session. With that in mind, we train in short sessions, and repeat the sessions. It is common knowledge that it takes 18 times of repeating a process to learn it. If that process is learned incorrectly it takes 3 times that to unlearn the bad habits. Let us train them properly the first time.

Most companies use only 20% of Act!.  We can show you, and inspire you, on how use the other 80% and make your sales reps gain control of their daily tasks.

Do you know what deals are closing next week or month? Are you constantly getting emailed reports from each sales rep on their prospects and then have to consolidate all the potential deals? Would you like to track what your sales staff did today? How many calls, meetings and quotes were sent out?

We’ll show you how you can get all the reports, data from your Act! database.

Sample Training Classes

  • Getting Started with Act!
  • Sales Rep Training
  • Sales Manager Training
  • Administrator Training