Our Act! Trainings are Customized to Accomplish YOUR Goals

Getting Started with Act!

Designed for new users of Act! or users upgrading from Act! 6 and prior

  • Navigating through the screens and icons
  • Looking up contacts – basic lookups, keyword lookups, previous
  • Customizing the contact list
  • Sorting your contacts
  • Creating groups to find contacts easily
  • Scheduling activities
  • Using the documents tab
  • Recording phone calls and meetings into Act!
  • Managing your calendar and task list
  • Writing letters
  • Sending emails

ACT! Training for Sales Representatives

Jump start your Sales Reps to be productive immediately

  • Managing your day with Act!
  • Recording phone calls and meetings into Act!
  • Creating and maintaining Sales Opportunities
  • Using activities to follow up on all prospects and customers
  • Synchronizing data to your laptop
  • How to find those contacts you just entered
  • Using the documents tabs

Act! Training for Sales Managers

Designed for the Manager to manage the records and report on sales activity

  • Find out what your sales team is doing every day
  • Find out which contacts have been ignored and not contacted
  • Find out what happened to those trade show leads
  • Configuring the Topline dashboard for reporting by user
  • Using the Sales Opportunities to plan your pipeline production
  • Importing leads from Excel and assigning to your sales reps
  • Mass scheduling of activities
  • Limiting Access to records so your reps only see what you want them to
  • Understanding the ACT! system fields and how to create lookups

Power User Training

Designed for the user already familiar with Act! and needing more POWER

  • Keyboard shortcuts for a faster experience
  • Creating dynamic groups and companies
  • Using advanced queries to find your contacts
  • Creating letter templates and email templates
  • Customizing Reports in Act!
  • Customizing the Database – adding new fields
  • Customizing the Screen Layouts
  • Adding new Activity Types – using and filtering
  • Creating Activity Series to automate your tasks
  • Customizing the menus and toolbars
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Importing data into the Act! database
  • Setting up Companies and linking to Contacts

Act! Administrator Training

Designed for the in-house IT manager or Act! power user

  • Properly installing Act! on the server and workstation
  • Running Act! updates
  • Outlook integration
  • Installing and integrating add-on applications
  • Setting up Smart Phone integrations
  • Setting up users and their access rights
  • Creating teams (Act! Premium only)
  • Setting up users preferences
  • Limiting Access to Records (Act! Premium only)
  • Field Security (Act! Premium only)
  • Customizing the database: Adding fields, drop down lists, securing fields
  • Customizing the screen layouts
  • Configuring the Act! Scheduler for backups and maintenance
  • Adding sub-tables (Act! 2008 and higher)
  • Backing up Act! properly
  • Using the Act! Diagnostics program
  • Synchronization – setup and monitoring

We provide a training handout titled, “How to be Productive using Act!”.  This guide allows you to focus on the training session as all of your instructions are already written down for you.