Act! Consulting

Act! Installation and Customization

  • Needs Analysis We will meet with and and help determine how Act! can be a perfect fit for you and your company. Often we will recommend Act! enhancement programs (add-ons) to complete the package and provide you with a complete CRM system.
  • Installation – We come on site and install the software and all add-ons.
  • Customization – All Act! databases can be customized. After the needs analysis session we will determine if you need any fields added to the database, customize the screens, modify reports and customize the letter templates with your style and logos.
  • Training – Coaching you to use Act! on a daily basis and become an Act! power user.

Why should you hire an ACT! Certified Consultant?

You have made a great decision to deploy Act! in your organization.  Installing Act! out of the box does work but customizing it can make it soar. Most companies only utilize 20% of the features and never really know how to take advantage of the potential of Act!

A consultant can assist you if you wish to have custom fields, screens and reports.  If you have special requirements, add-on products may be recommended which could make your company more efficient and even more profitable. There are many enhancement products that work with Act!

Knowing how to use the features of Act! properly and apply them to your business is critical. Proper training is the ultimate answer to having a successful Act! implementation.

Analyzing your processes is what a good Act! consultant will do. We have ten years of experience in installing and customizing Act!. The perfect solution is what we can suggest to grow your business immediately.


What we can do for you:

  • Assess your needs and propose a plan to implement a total CRM solution
  • Implement a solution that will work
  • Train all personnel on Act! and processes
  • Help you launch a marketing system
  • Real-time remote assistance, training and support
  • Provide Technical Support for older versions of Act! Act 6, Act for 2004, 2005 etc.
  • Convert existing databases to newer versions of Act!
  • Merge multiple databases
  • Install Act! on the server and workstations
  • Setup of remote user synchronization
  • Custom design reports
  • Integration with smart phones
  • Make your life easier