SwiftPage Email  The number one integrated email marketing solution for Act!
This is the only email solution that integrates directly with Act!. No need to upload or sync your email addresses anymore. Fast, reliable and cost effective. Customers can easily Opt-Out of the emails. Send out an email to one contact, a lookup of contacts, a group of contacts. Manage campaigns and pre-schedule when your emails are to be delivered.Email Tracking – who is most interested in your product or services?
All emails are tracked so you know who opened them and which links the contact clicked on. You are no longer guessing if that contact received your email. Create a “call list” from the contacts that read your email the most.Surveys
Create surveys and ask your customers for their input on your services or goods. Tally the results.

Implement a drip marketing system
Swiftpage Drip Marketing helps you put your sales and marketing efforts on cruise control. Combining simple functionality like the ability to send a sequence of messages to a contact that fills out a form on your website, with intelligent technology that will send different messages to contacts based on their previous actions – example, send a postcard to only contacts that did not open the previous email – Automatically!

  • Tight integration with Act! Send emails from within Act!
  • Track who opens the emails and which links they click on
  • Supports all versions of Act!
  • Excellent technical support
  • Free training videos on their site
  • Free webinar to get you up and running
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Drip marketing system
  • Allows multiple user accounts so each email goes out personalized by user
  • Extensive tracking of who opened the emails and which links they click on

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