Specialized Software to use with Act!

Add-on software is created by third party vendors who have written applications to customize and  enhance your Act! experience.  The software showcased below are all proven winners! These vendors are committed to the Act! product line and community of Act! users.

The vendors on this page all have qualities that are very important in choosing any add-on product.

  • Great Technical Support
  • Excellent training materials, videos or on-line help
  • Commitment to updating their software to stay compatible with new releases of ACT!
  • They listen to the users and update their software with enhancements
  • Low-cost ownership

Please call us directly for pricing and to order your software today.

Product Description Click to visit site
Email Connect and Email Connect Professional
www.actaddons.eu  (be sure to click on the US flag for English)

Do you need to be able to attach incoming and outgoing emails to your ACT! contacts? Would you prefer to do this all within Outlook and not have to do an absurd amount of  mouse clicks to achieve it? Then email connect is the answer. Email connect puts a special menu in Outlook so you can optionally attach an outgoing email with one click, or attach an incoming email to any contact in the currently open database.
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CRM Service
Swiftpage Email aka Act! e-marketing
Swiftpage is a service company that allows you to send large amounts of emails directly from within Act!.  Beautiful HTML templates can be created on their site. Included is their new “drip marketing” application to automate keeping in touch with your customers and prospects. This is the only email add-on application that integrates inside of Act!.
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Topline Interactive Dashboards
Visual, interactive dashboards with highly customizable screens. Create quick reports accessing data not available within Act! alone. You can create a dashboard for each one of your employees or sales rep to monitor their daily history, scheduled activities (see what’s high priority and not cleared), changes made to their contacts and emails sent out.
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TopLine Results
Handheld Contact

Sync your Act! database wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android smart phone.
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Handheld Contact
QSales Data by Effective Solutions
www.QSalesData.comThis application integrates your QuickBooks file with Act!. You no longer have to add the customer twice, once in Act! then in QuickBooks. A single click from within Act! and you can immediately create a new QuickBooks customer. In Act! using the nightly sync application, your invoices, monthly sales totals, aging of invoices, last order date all appear in Act!. What a great way to keep your sales reps out of your accounting system.