Act! Contact Management Software

SwiftPage ACT! has been the number one choice for contact management software because of its ease of use, ability to customize and integration with handheld devices.

Act! Services we provide:

  • Needs analysis
  • Install and setup of Act!
  • Customization of the database, screens and reports
  • Training and sales rep coaching
  • Integration with add-on products
  • Setting up remote access to Act!


Act! 2016

If you are using an older version of Act!, it’s time to consider upgrading.  Act! 2012 and earlier are currently out of support and Act! 2014 will be discontinuted in Fall of 2016. To see all the enhancements in Act! review the features comparison chart.

Upgrade Comparison Chart.pdf

Act! Certified Consultants

Certified Consultants can help you implement Act!, customize the database and screens and develop reports.  We must pass rigorous annual exams provided by SwiftPage in all versions of Act!, Premium and Web. Consultants are dedicated to the product line, spend countless hours of their own time learning, testing, customizing and mastering the product all so we can provide the best solution for your company. We have been certified in Act! since 1999 and will continue to do so as we are dedicated to Act! as the best CRM software for our clients.

Why should you hire a consultant?

Act! Premier Trainers

SwiftPage certifies Premier Trainers after undergoing specialized training and pass a trainers test. Kathleen Fernan has been certified as a premier trainer since the start of the program in 2002. All of our trainings are personalized and tailored to the needs of our customers.

Why should you hire a certified trainer?