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Sales Tax Rate Changes – Best Practices

How to manage sales tax rates changes in Quickbooks

April 1st, 2009 our California sales tax rates were increased for many counties. Now is the time to properly handle the rate changes in Quickbooks.  A best practice is to setup a NEW item in Quickbooks rather than modifying the old rate.
Modifying the old rate can create problems whenever you go back and modify a previous period invoice.

Create a new item
• Click […]

Creating Custom Activity Types

Creating Custom Activity Types
Custom Activity Types are an exciting new feature in ACT! by Swiftpage. For those of us coming from ACT 6 and older, we were limited to having only calls, meetings and to-do’s. Although at the time, this seemed ample, we can now be quite creative by setting up additional activity types.
Why would you want a custom activity type? Since you can filter your calendars and task list […]

Customizing your ACT! Menus and Toolbars

How to Add a Letter Template or Report to your Menu

ACT Versions 2005 (v. 7)  to 2009 (v. 11) by Kathleen Fernan

Have you ever created a custom letter template and want it to be on the Write Menu or have a custom report that you would like on the Reports Menu?

In ACT 6 this was an easy change to make by simply modifying the menu. However with the release of […]

Power Reporting – Using Classes in QuickBooks

Classes are a very powerful, and probably my favorite feature of QuickBooks. They allow you to departmentalize your
profit and loss statement. For example, if you are in the service industry, you might set up a class for each consultant or employee. All their expenses (including payroll) can be classified to their class and then you can run a profit and loss report by class. If you are a larger organization […]

Who We Are

K&K Business Solutions, Inc. is a team of accounting and computer professionals. We focus primarily on ACT! by Swiftpage, QuickBooks Accounting Software and provide General Business Consulting. The two principals, Kerry Whitmire and Kathleen Fernan (K&K), each have worked in the accounting and computer fields for over 38 years. Kathleen is passionate about ACT! software and how she can creatively customize it to fit any business need. She has been certified as an ACT! consultant and trainer for the last ten years. Kerry provides QuickBooks Consulting, business organization, setup and general business consulting. Check out our staff page for information on all our employees and read below to see  testimonials from our clients.

I just want to take a minute to communicate how grateful we are for your support, guidance and commitment to keeping our business alive and getting it profitable. You already know how confident we are with your ACT! and QuickBooks expertise. But, your general business acumen has given us the ability to look at things with logic and emotion free clarity. The positive impact it has made on our business is incalculable. I look forward to working with you for many years to come.
- Phyllis Foster , Across America Med Staffing, Pasadena CA
I want to thank you again, and can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing with us. I have never had more confidence in financials. The tax presentation for the tax preparer seemed flawless. You have removed the struggle and doubt from the accounting work we do.
- Stephen Ascher, Sr., Miramar Brands Group, Pasadena, CA
Upon starting my job as a Law Firm Property Administrator, I could see we needed some structure and direction. You were referred by a professional acquaintance and we were saved!
I have never worked with anyone that can see problem areas and be able to define them and create the solution in such an effective way. You have been and still are a gift to our company, an instrument that has helped us realize our bottom line and obtain it. Your sense of humor is the bonus!
- Maurine Perry, Hart, Mieras & Morris Law Firm, Arcadia CA
It has been over 10 years that we have worked together. I cannot imagine running my small design business without you as a consultant. You have set up my books for both the business and a small non-profit, helped me organize a county wide garden tour involving the scheduling of hundreds of volunteers and accounting for the proceeds from a dozen gardens, you have coached me through decisions involving computer equipment purchase, trained me in the use of ACT and QuickBooks Pro, — the list just goes on! You are incredibly efficient and always cheerful. I look forward to working with you for many more years.
- Judy M. Horton, Judy M. Horton Garden Design
On behalf of our charity, Good Samaritan Society, Inc., we are extremely grateful for your expertise and guidance in setting up our ACT! database. We have benefitted greatly from your technical advise and marketing strategies because you have shown us how to be more efficient and effective in our communications and fundraising. More importantly, it will be our grantees who will benefit most from what you have done for us.
- Anita Reinsma, Good Samaritan Society, Inc., Westlake Village CA
You came highly recommended from another software firm and they were right. We highly recommend you to anyone who needs an Act specialist at a reasonable price. You did a great job for us with our Act version 10 installation and modifications. We had a pretty long wish list and a limited budget but you implemented all the changes within our budget and timeframe.
The amazing part is that you did all of this remotely! Hopefully we will meet in person some day.
Thank you from all the people you helped.
- Peter Rowe, Pacific Southwest Realty Services, Irvine CA

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